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Although modern-day dental care has made it possible to get the kind of teeth you wish for, saving your natural teeth should always be your top priority. Enamel that covers your teeth is the hardest substance found in the human body, so your teeth can last a lifetime if you're ready to care for it. Apart from cavities, bruxism can lead to damaged teeth. Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a condition where you involve in involuntary teeth clenching and grinding during sleep. At Grant Dental Centre, we treat teeth grinding with a custom-made night guard in Winnipeg.

The night guard protects your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear while letting you enjoy a more peaceful sleep. Say goodbye to headaches and jaw pain due to teeth grinding by scheduling an appointment at Grant Dental Centre. In a week you can have your custom-made mouth guard – come visit us!


Night guards are helpful to relax your jaw, provided you get it custom-made to suit your specifications. Studies have shown that individuals with a stressful lifestyle are prone to teeth grinding during their sleep. Night guards are found to be very useful in such scenarios. Have a better sleep at night with our mouth guards.

We can also help you with sports guards, which are used to protect your teeth while playing contact sports such as rugby and hockey. Enjoy peace of mind that comes with assurance.


Are you waking up with tired jaw muscles or a headache? We can help.

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